Thursday, August 6, 2009

Mexi Casa

So there we were...
The other day I went back home to visit and to attend the No Doubt concert. The night before we visited Mexi Casa. As this is my favorite dining destination, naturally, I was excited to go. We are seated in a booth, close to the entrance, next to a trio of older women. Now these older ladies were not afraid of anyone else hearing their conversation (or perhaps they had to talk loud in order to hear each other) so I listened in. I don't think this was a bad thing. Sure, what they were discussing was one of my business, but it is not like they were being secretive. Besides, if you don't want people to hear don't talk so loud. Anyway, one of the women began to discuss her trip car shopping. She decided she wanted to look at the Smart Car. Her sons, being the protective angels she believed they were, tried to steer her away from this choice. I am sure the thought of their mother smeared all over the freeway was the reason for their hesitance. After all, there isn't much between you and the road in those things. She was a little upset with them as she felt they were perfectly safe. Her friend across from her agreed. However, the one in between the both hadn't said much and I had kinda forgotten she was there...or perhaps assumed she was a mute. She must have heard my thoughts and to prove me wrong immediatly joined the conversation asking a few questions as she was unsure what a smart car was. The other ladies explained to her what it was. Suddenly her voice brightens up with the sounds of recognition and she says, "oh, I know what they are...they look like a pregnant roller skate!"
I laughed outloud. Totally could have been in a movie.

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