Tuesday, September 1, 2009

First day of the rest of my life...I hope it's not a sign

So there I was...

The first day of class. I was terrified. Sure people asked me of I was scared, and I would of course say no. In reality however, I was a mess. Civil Procedure was my first class...like I had any idea what that meant. I was about 15 minutes early just in case I had some problem when I got there because I always anticipate a problem. Nothing is really as easy as it should be. Anyway, the professor came in about 10 minutes before class was to start looking as if she wore her pajamas into class. Now that the professor was in the room everyone got really quiet, not that I was talking to anyone myself, but the background noise was helping with my nerves. She just stood there and watched the clock until the second hand was right at the top and then she began, "What is civil procedure?", an excellent question I felt. She started on and on about how it is hard to study because it is not like a contract or something that we are all familiar with. "All of you have entered into a contract at some point or another" she said. "Is there anyone here who has never entered into a contract?" Well, with all my nerves sitting tightly in my throat I raised my hand in answer to this question. I totally thought she said "How many of you have ever entered into a contract?" thinking that many others would too raise their hands I didn't think it was going to be so terrible. Everyone else, I guess, heard the question properly 'cause I sure was the only one that raised. Immediately she whipped around and looked at me. "You have never purchased anything thing?" she asked in a harsh whisper, stalking over to my side of the room. Great, I thought, now I am labeled as the stupid kid. "I think I misunderstood the question", I timidly replied. "Did you say 'who has never entered into a contract?'" She nodded her head. "Oh yeah" I spouted, "I've entered into lots of those". Thankfully she smiled and the tension in the room eased, but I am sure the redness of my face was there the rest of the class session as I felt it get unusually hot. "Never in my years of teaching has anyone ever raised there hand in response to that question" she announced to the class as she resumed her lecture.

Yeah, well you have never met me before either. Get use to it.

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  1. HAHAHHA reading this was way better than hearing it from ssdac.

    You are awesome.